True Vine Churches of Deliverance International


"The History"



Macedonia was founded in 1932 by Elder William Monroe Johnson as the West End Holy Church. Elder Johnson was called to oversee a small mission in the West End section of Winston-Salem, NC with a membership of eight (8). His faithful followers were from the Kimberly Park Holiness Church, pastored by Bishop S. M. Ceasar. This pioneering group was as follows: Mrs. Marie Johnson (devoted wife), Mrs. Ellen Douthit, Mr. Jake Jack Johnson, Mr. Victor C. Johnson, and Mr. & Mrs. George Wilson. The members rented a small mission on Watkins Street, which they subsequently purchased and erected a church building on the site. They worshipped jubilantly there for ten (10) years.

As God began to increase the membership of the West End Family, Elder W. M. Johnson purchased the Mount Calvary Baptist Church #1. The edifice was located on Third at Hickory Street and became the Macedonia Holy Church as suggested by *Sister Clara Walls Brown and agreed upon by the parishioners because of the East Winston location.














In order to properly prosecute the objectives and purposes above set forth, the Corporation shall have full power and authority to purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, hold mortgage, convey, and otherwise dispose of all kinds of property, both real and personal, both in this state and in all other states, territories, and dependencies of the United States; and generally to perform all acts which may be deemed necessary or expedient for the proper and successful prosecution of the objectives and purposes for which the Corporation is created.









In October 1979, the Macedonia Church Family embarked upon an extensive building program. The plans for the structure were envisioned and designed by Bishop S. D. Johnson. In June 1982, the pastoral vision became a reality with the completion of the Johnson Memorial Sanctuary and the “All-Saints” Fellowship Hall, a state-of-the art edifice. Johnson Memorial Sanctuary has a seating capacity of over 2,000. Also in June 1982, the Macedonia Church purchased a gospel radio station; Gospel Media, Inc. d/b/a WSMX 1500 AM for a price of $600,000.00.

























In 2003, because of marketing purposes, the Macedonia True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Church became known as the Macedonia Worship Center. In order to maintain the ministry’s identity, the caption (A True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Church of God Corporation) was added.

The Headquarters Church is noted as one of the more consistent ministries in the Winston-Salem, Triad area with twenty-four (24) active pastoral resource-developmental ministries at the time of this publication, with an Episcopal Council and a Pastoral/Ministerial Coalition of Associate and Special Administrative Assistant Pastors. It is the model church for the TVCOD affiliates with a commitment to a ministry that bespeaks “Total-Life” Enrichment endeavors.

                                                                                                                                                                                      *Brown Chapel of our current location is named in her honor.

In 1946, Bishop William Monroe Johnson was given a vision to begin a new organization called the True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Church of God, Inc. (TVPH). He was consecrated to the Bishopric in the same year. With Macedonia as the Headquarters Church (Winston–Salem, NC), congregations were formed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Adhering to the teachings of the Holy Writ, reverent to the God who gave us life and who will reward us for our good works in the Great Beyond, the objectives for which this corporation is formed are as follows:To promote, establish, maintain, erect, and operate churches and units of churches in the furtherance of the kingdom of God on earth, as laid down by the Holy Writ.To promote, encourage, support, and send the gospel to all destitute sections of the world.To encourage and assist in the distribution and study of the Bible and sound religious literature.

To encourage the proper care of indigent orphan children and destitute and aged ministers of the gospel by providing homes and orphanages for their comfort and livelihood, and to do charity to destitute and afflicted people.





In July 1975, Bishop W. M. Johnson transitioned from labor to reward. The son of the founder, Elder Sylvester Davis Johnson, was appointed and elected respectively as pastor of the Headquarters Church, Chairman of the Executive Board of the National True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Church Of God, Inc. and Presiding Prelate of the organization in August of that same year. He was consecrated to the Episcopal Office in October of the same year.

In February 1976, a forty-two unit apartment complex adjacent to the church was purchased for $480,000.00. The name of the complex was changed from the Skyland Place Apartments to the Macedonia Arms Apartments.




In November 1985, Macedonia TVPH Church became affiliated with the United Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance, Inc. (UPCOD), of which Bishop S. D. Johnson was Founder and Chairman of the Founding Board of Bishops. Also in November 1985, Macedonia TVPH Church hosted the Introductory Convocation of UPCOD.

In January 1997, the Lord gave Bishop S. D. Johnson a vision to relieve local churches of heavy taxations. He shared this vision in Florence, South Carolina with Bishop Charley LeVerne Johnson, Bishop Raymond Herman Gardner, Bishop Freddie Bernard Marshall, and Minister Timothy Lyles Jackson. After prayerful consideration and the guidance of the Lord the True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Church of God organization was transitioned and named the National True Vine Churches of Deliverance (TVCOD). Macedonia became the Headquarters Church and an affiliate of the National True Vine Churches of Deliverance, Inc. (TVCOD). In August 1997, Bishop S. D. Johnson was confirmed to the Apostolic Office. Because the TVCOD Fellowship embraces other Apostles, it was agreed that Apostle S. D. Johnson would be named Establishmentarian and Chief Apostle/Primate.





The corporate vision is the result of the reorganization of the True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Churches of God, Incorporated (TVPH-founded in 1946 by the late Bishop William Monroe Johnson) to include a more expansive addition of organized bodies/jurisdictions, so as to effect an increased Pentecostal unity as set forth through the goals that were accomplished through such fellowships as the United Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance, Incorporated (UPCOD – founded in 1985 by Bishop Sylvester Davis Johnson).


The effect of TVPH, Inc, and the UPCOD, Inc; thusly, forming the TVCOD, Inc. allows us to forge ahead with greater emphasis on enhancement of fellowship and edification to the body of Christ; less focus on the governmental authority and burdensome financial assessments. It allows us to: